Fact Sheet: Personalized Health Care

Industry Outlook

Personalized medicine based on genes has become a very important area of research for university medical centres and related business ecosystems. As 4th healthcare spender per capita (below Norway, Luxembourg, Switzerland), Netherlands is clearly overspending on healthcare.  This, combined with an aging population and urbanization has led to a high interest in personalized healthcare. The focus is on precision medicine, but also on lowering the cost of medication by finding more use for medication (expanding the patient base as opposed to very selective -biomarker- gen bases). A key complaint is that often personalized medicine is too expensive to be a consistent element of the health care system (solidarity principle). Key line of thought here is to work in the validity and reliability of the biomarker studies.


  • The public domain is actively supporting the developments in personalized medicine in a quest to make the cost of medication lower by increased innovation.
  • Data collection takes place both in homogeneous biobanks, as well as deliberately heterogeneous data collection to ensure versatility of medication, a biobank of children in Rotterdam is created for this purpose
  • Bio tracking, gen diagnostics and MRI are combined with technical innovations to scan and analyze data from various angles.
  • The scope is widened from original areas such as oncology to a wider array of medical purposes
  • Regional and pan-European network initiatives are formed to leverage the data and findings as much as possible, to lower the cost and to foster innovation efficiency.

Did you know?

  • Personalized Medicine now goes beyond physical healthcare? Recent study results have focus on the gen response to metabolism and external factors in mental healthcare as well.
  • Leiden University Medical Center leads a Pan-European research cooperation project with 8 different countries involved?
  • Netherlands has rebalanced its medicine distribution model to enable affordable personalized care and future research on this topic.

Market Opportunities

  • Finland is known for its approach to personalized healthcare, medication reducing m health and solutions around prevention. Not so known for its biobank. Here is an open opportunity
  • TNO, 3 University medical centers and 6 corporates have founded the Biomarker Development Center, the Finnish biobank could play a role here.
  • LUMC is the leading founder of a personalized medicine initiative. On a pan-European scale they work on personalized medicine with 15 million Euro of funding for LUMC alone.
  • The RIVM (Dutch authority for health and environment) is looking for applications of personalized medicine for use in 1st line care
  • 5 UMC's are working together with industrial partners to develop a METAscan, where MRI is used to further study the effectiveness of personalized healthcare in metabolism.

How can we help you?

TradeMill and its partners have experience on internationalisation projects for medical technology. We also work closely with the health team of Innovation Quarter on various health related cases. Innovation Quarter is the development organization of Hague and Rotterdam. With 2 University Medical Hospitals and the Leiden Life Science Valley in its region, Life Science is a key topic for the team.

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