Fact Sheet: Hospital Solutions

Industry Outlook

Hospital cost account for most the healthcare cost in the Netherlands. 27,5% of cost are made in hospital, of which 63% on specialized care. Intra-mural and extramural communications between health professionals, but also with the patient and the informal care teams is a major topic in Netherlands. Over 100 million euro is reserved for hospital innovation in the context of Horizon 2020 to innovate hospital care, where personalized patient paths are the central point of departure.

Already, programs around Hospital Health and Safety and quality improvement hospital staff have received additional funding and investments.

Innovation in hospital care and further lowering cost while improving efficiency can only be done by increased digitalization.


In Carefor2020, the vision document of the Dutch Hospital Association, the following trend areas were described:

  • The patient as partner, depicting a need to work with the patient (and patient federation) on its care path, informed, consultative and supportive.
  • ICT cares too, where the increased possibilities and impact of ICT are addressed, including privacy, remote care, communication of health data and big data for diagnosis.
  • Everyone their own medicine, about the use of personalized medicine, the impact of it on treatment paths and the additional care and research required.
  • More insight with less registration, about monitoring care quality with meaningful data points.
  • From hospital to knowledge center, supporting and actively engaging in prevention and knowledge sharing as a strategic choice.
  • From stand alone to regional network, addressing formal and informal communication need within the (local and regional) health ecosystem. From bricks to clicks, about the need to invest in ICT to drive innovation in the hospital care sector.

Did you know?

  • More than 50 top executives from the Netherlands have visited Finland in 2017 to learn from the Finnish approach to healthcare design and innovation? They were most impressed by the way Electronic data transformation along the patient journey was organized? Finnish solutions around communication, Electronic Health record, remote monitoring etc. were all well received?
  • There is lots of thought exchange between Finland and Netherlands about health policy making, from SOTE to dealing with intramural care.

Market Opportunities

  • Electronic data transfer, Finland has companies with more experience and better equipped to drive cross-org Electronic data transfer, this is seen as key transformation requirement in the Dutch Healthcare system
  • Patient-driven service design. Tools, products, services, ICT that supports patient journeys and possibilities to educate and interact with the patient and the (informal) care team during the journey.
  • Philips Health Platform, opportunity to tap into the driving force of health digitalization in Western Europe.
  • AI, diagnosis support and care support. Digitalizing the care path while improving effectiveness. IBM Watson health team positioned in Finland.
  • Improved and shortened treatment flow, enabling lower hospitalization by remote pre-, and after care (through wearables), liberating hospital capacity; more with less.

How can we help you?

TradeMill has experience on various internationalisation assignments on health sector. Additionally, our pool of local consultants includes also consulting professionals who work with various health insurance companies, consulting firms, hospitals and regional care associations on way to improve care with innovations.

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