Fact Sheet: High Performance Buildings

Industry Outlook

The Netherlands wants to be on the forefront of smart building. This is not just about energy efficiency, it’s about making the overall usage of the building better using data and IoT related devices. Earlier initiatives from energy efficiency now are expanded into climate, utilization and comfort; all to create the best working and living places in the war on talent.

The most sustainable office building in the world, the Egde- Deloittes headquarters in Amsterdam, contains over 40 000 sensors to support tenants and their staff to optimize their personalized experience while working in the building. Deerns, OVG , CGI and Mapiq are at the forefront of this industry, and recognized worldwide. Amsterdam is also building the world’s first cradle to cradle business park. Government supports smart building from efficiency perspective as well as from an infrastructural/smart city perspective.


After the real-estate crisis in 2008, the market has re-invented itself to facilitate high quality working and living experiences. Some trends we see are:

  • Government push-allows only for c-level sustainable requirements for new office buildings
  • Investors demand high Bream, Gresb and Well -scores for their real estate investment prospects
  • Domestic market regulated with energy labels
  • Domestic renovation market dominated by financial triggers to improve sustainability
  • High interest in mechanical, constructional and digital building efficiencies, especially in climate performance
  • Domotica and sensors as well as usage predictability and machine learning are implemented in forefront buildings
  • Performance no longer just measured in energy efficiency, but more in comfort and usability of the created environment

Did you know?

  • The most sustainable building in the world (highest BREAM score) is Deloitte's HQ in NL?
  • That Nuuka from Finland teamed up with Dutch developer OVG to deliver the most prestigious buildings, such as Unilever's HQ in New Jersey, US?
  • That the Finnish delegation was warmly welcomed in the Netherlands in June 2018 when visiting Provada, the Dutch Real-Estate fair?

Market Opportunities

  • Governmental funding for energy efficiency for both the domestic and the business market, different programs such as:
  • Energy performance contracts, where bonuses are given when targets are met in business and domestic. All large construction companies are creating an offering for this
  • BSE+ contracts for large energy users, where companies are encouraged to create renewable energy efficiencies
  • The building industry is growing at the highest rate in the last 10 years, not able to meet the increased demand, with the highest demand for energy efficient housing and regulations that only allow for energy efficient office buildings
  • Zero energy consumption houses get financial rewards and governmental funding. Communities demand project with zero energy consumption housing
  • Pension funds (Holland one of the largest pension capital players) are creating programs and requirements for sustainable buildings
  • There is a quick filling trend in residential energy and comfort related Domotica, analysis and portfolio management. Home owners and housing corporations are actively looking for solutions related to IoT and big data.

How can we help you?

We have operated in the smart building industry for over 2 years, and created a network on the suppliers’ side, partner side, regulator and benchmark side.

We successfully closed deals for our clients with large players in the industry.

We have access to the largest smart building events through our earlier experiences and network.

Want to know more?

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