Fact Sheet: Digital Transformation

Industry Outlook

Netherlands has a strong and booming position into digital transformation, being awarded the top spot in the digital density index by Oxford University and Accenture since 2015. Digital transformation touches on the overall digital experience of people in the Netherlands, from ecommerce, digital handling to e-government services, and is the key investment area for most governmental and corporate organizations. Due to its many corporate headquarters, the digital transformation industry is strong and growing in the Netherlands, fielding from e-commerce (Booking.com, Uber, Catawiki, etc.), but also service suppliers focussing on digital transformation.

The industry is large but very niche focused, there is a huge array of different service providers serving the market from corporate high-end to boutique providers of digital transformation services in niche areas.  It is commonly believed that most industries are still in its infancy when it comes to digital transformation and that new waves will tap into the opportunities that come with the new digital innovations. The Dutch Government just released a strategic outline including budgets to digitalize the Dutch economy. As such, demand for digital services and DevOps expertise is 2nd highest in Europe in 2018.



Though digital transformation is a global phenomenon, where global trends hold true everywhere, a leading Dutch magazine derived the following trends that reflect the Dutch stance on digital transformation in 2018:

  • Digital transformation will be the decisive competitive edge moving forward. The importance lies in the ability to agile adoption of new waves of technology to improve business efficiency. Companies that master this will survive. The Dutch government has set up a program to make sure the Dutch business will act on transformation.
  • IoT will increase the speed of digital transformation, now allowing for meaningful digitalization of processes in industries that were not able to create data without sensors. Sensor data will change the way we interact and foster logistical processes.
  • Digital transformation will remain a human effort. Organizations implementing digital transformation will need to keep the human interaction factor as beginning and end in mind.
  • Artificial Intelligence will make our digital experience broader and better. Especially in the customer interaction AI supported chatbots will become commonplace.

Did you know?

  • Reaktor successfully opened an office in Amsterdam with our support?
  • That we are happy to support also Eficode with their start in the Netherlands?
  • That Good Sign from Finland landed a prestigious deal with DLL leasing for the transformation of their lease solutions?

Market Opportunities

  • Need for DevOps players in the market. Local project orchestration but remote development considered normal.
  • Full service providers, offering both design and development have a competitive edge because not many players can offer a seamless handover.
  • IoT and sensor driven user experience becomes crucial in the ecosystem due to push from tech providers, demand from (governmental) infrastructure and overarching user experience in logistics and infrastructure.
  • Large scale LoRa projects on their way, sponsored by the Telco players in the Netherlands to facilitate sensor driven economy.
  • NXP/ASML and Brainport drive challenges and programs for utilization of IoT, pushing the market forward.
  • Design services for Digital Transformation from Finland are well received, major contracts are won by Finnish digital transformation service providers like Nordkapp.
  • Recent acquisition of Mirabeau by Cognizant leaves an open space in the market for high end pure digital transformation services

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