Fact Sheet: Design Services

Industry Outlook

Both the Services and the Design Sectors have a strong foothold in the Dutch economy, and due to the rapidly changing environment, accelerated technological developments, hardened market conditions, and changes in laws and regulations, we see the sectors moving closer to each other.

The domain ‘design’ has developed and expanded into the strategic advice, the development of combinations of products and services, and policy development (e.g. strategic design, service design and policy design). Turnover of design (including design services) market is EUR 200 million and the Dutch exports 5 billion euro. The Services sector counts 75% of the Dutch GDP, with approximately 4% growth also in 2017.

Important Dutch players in Design Services are for example: Moooi, Droog Design, Raft, Victor & Rolf, RAU and DUS Architects. In total Netherlands counts more than 30 internationally distinguished design companies and most also offer design services.


  • Price competition and margin pressure require for new earning & business models
  • ...as-a-service –models, subscription forms, or reward or performance –based models.
  • Upgrading of work & skills through digitization.
  • Competence becomes more important. Increasing specialization
  • For many industries servitisation creates new competitive edge. This creates also opportunities for service design professionals.

Did you know?

  • That service design and technology make a perfect match, and that Netherlands is operating at the forefront of that area with many corporate clients lining up for these services?
  • That Nordkapp won a prestigious deal at Dutch global bank ING to design new products and services?
  • That Reaktor has landed on deals in Amsterdam with international names like Air France-KLM and two large consumer brands?


  • Amsterdam has perfect ecosystem for the design industry: a great digital infrastructure with a high-speed broadband, healthy startup scene, relaxed & open atmosphere, and an abundance of international talent.
  • Cradle of numerous social innovations, living labs, co-creation projects, new and disruptive business models, social innovations, and cross industry partnerships
  • Dutch design scene is known from being minimalistic, experimental, innovative and unconventional, plus a healthy sense of humor. Circularity also inspires most designers nowadays.
  • Openness and opportunism of Amsterdam make it beneficial for new initiatives to start-up in Amsterdam. Amsterdam's design industry is leading the change in closing the gap between traditional branding and technology.
  • Finnish companies have understood the value of Amsterdam; forerunners have started their operations in Amsterdam, and many are looking for the possibilities to set up a satellite or pilot operations.

How can we help you?

We have worked with some of the most renowned service design and business design companies in the Netherlands, such as Design Thinkers and Business Models INC, the hubs of creativity and start-ups, and the best and most interesting events around design services, and industrial design. We understand ourselves the service design principles and the latest business design trends. We have experience in helping companies to enter the market for already more than ten years.

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