Fact Sheet: Clean Tech

Industry Outlook

The clean tech industry in the Netherland have grown in the last years with double digits, mostly due to the demand for renewable energy. However, we also see a rising trend in circular economy, sharing economy, green mobility and conscious consumption. Due to the years of Dutch “loose energy policy” in the densely-populated region of the Netherlands, CO2 production is beyond the EU standard and behind on the EU directed schedule. The Netherlands wants to catch that gap now, and fast.

Smart City initiatives and Utilities transformation drive technology innovations for a better liveable country. The government actively supports these initiatives and promotes Holland as a testbed for tech innovation.


  • Renewable energy, solar, storable energy and heat, heat distribution and lowering gas consumption still drive the bulk of the clean tech initiatives
  • E-transport, transport sharing/Mobility-as-a-Service, telecommunications and remote working are some of the areas where road usage and traffic density is addressed
  • Water re-usage, advanced filtering (antibiotics) hydropower and water management are initiatives to leverage the water capacity in the Netherlands
  • Co-creation and cross border cooperation on R&D is an elementary part of the clean tech agenda as provided by the Dutch government, with the aim to be a forerunning country in this field
  • Clean farming, with reduced usage of resources (gas/water/heat) and less production of methane is another area of development, aiming at sustainable smart farming
  • Infrastructural provisioning for clean, electric mobility, providing charging infrastructure and led-lighting in the Dutch roadworks
  • Financial solutions to provide clean tech adoption, from private individuals to transformation of heavy using industrial players

Did you know?

  • Netherlands ranks 2nd in the world for electric vehicles, after Norway?
  • That the focus now shifts from cars to busses and logistic vehicles?
  • Most revenue in the bicycle industry now comes from e-bikes?
  • Solnet from Finland taps into the opportunity to use Dutch governmental funding for midsized energy users to transform to renewable energy?

Market Opportunities

  • With full governmental support, the investments in clean tech are higher than ever in the Netherlands, providing opportunities for all kinds of players in the clean tech arena
  • Next to products and services, knowledge is requested. Dutch love to work in a cooperation model and are constantly seeking to work with other European players.
  • The Netherlands is actively working on transforming the gas-roundabout to an overall energy hub, leveraging the knowledge on energy distribution
  • Energy storage will be an important next item on the clean tech calendar, with limited resources to use in Holland
  • Cold/Heat storage solutions for communal heating are in high demand, especially engineering expertise on this domain
  • • Sharing economy initiatives and circular economy initiatives are well received in Holland, for example ResQ caught on well in Amsterdam.

How can we help you?

Trademill and its partners have performed various market entry assignments for clean tech companies from Finland, and the team contains various people with expertise on different areas of the clean tech domain.


Want to know more?

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