Industry opportunities

Design services

Both, the Services, and the Design Sector have a strong foothold in the Dutch economy, and we see the sectors moving closer to each other. The domain ‘design’ has developed and expanded into the strategic advice, the development of combinations of products and services, and policy development (strategic design, service design and policy design). Turnover of design (including design services) market is …

Did you know? Amsterdam’s design industry is leading the change in closing the gap between traditional branding and technology.

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Lifestyle Market

The industry evolves rapidly due to changing customer buying behavior: both in-store and online. Netherlands is a home for many international fashion and lifestyle brands, hosting their headquarters, marketing, sales centers and/or logistic centers, but urban consumers typically also look for more unknown, personal and authentic small brands. Many small shops concentrate on serving this groups of consumers.

Did you know? New business models emerge also in lifestyle, e.g. paying for using the product instead of owning it.

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E-commerce Growth

E-commerce is a dynamic and growing industry in the Netherlands, growing from 16 billion to over 26 billion in 2018, over 25% growth year over year in the last 4 years. The supporting tech industry, from click to cash, saw its revenue double, especially in the mid-segment of e-commerce players. In 2018, we saw Dutch payment provider Adyen go IPO at a value of over 6 Billion Euro...

Did you know? E-commerce in b2b will scale exponentially, facing b2b suppliers with the same needs as their b2c counterparts.

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Digital Transformation

Netherlands has a strong and booming position into digital transformation. It touches on the overall digital experience of people, from ecommerce, digital handling to e-government services, and is the key investment area for most governmental and corporate organizations. Due to its many corporate headquarters, the industry is strongly fielding from e-commerce, but also service suppliers focussing on digital transformation. It is commonly believed that most industries are still in its infancy and that new waves will tap into the opportunities that come with the new digital innovations.

Did you know? Digital transformation and ability to agile adoption of new waves of technology will be the decisive competitive edge for survival.

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Smart Industry

The industry sector in the Netherlands his currently on a boom with over 86% utilization rate (June 2018). Flagship is the VDL group, which produces trucks, busses and Mini's in their mobility corporation. The hardware sector, located in the Eindhoven area at the high-tech campus has also gained from the increased interest in high tech components for the chips industry and related technology. In the near future, the Dutch industry sector foresees a flattening of the growth due to the stronger Euro, and the lack of skilled labour in the market...

Did you know? Dutch industry works with close network, supply chain cooperation and joint development to keep up with rapid technology developments

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Clean Tech

The clean tech industry in the Netherland have grown in the last years with double digits, due to the demand for renewable energy, and rising trend in circular economy, sharing economy, green mobility and conscious consumption. The Netherlands wants to catch the gap that was created by a loose energy policies of earlier - and fast. The government actively supports Smart City initiatives and Utilities transformation initiatives and promotes Holland as a testbed for tech innovation.

Did you know? Netherlands ranks 2nd in the world for electric vehicles, after Norway?

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Energy Solutions

The Dutch government announced to speed up the energy transition from natural gas to CO2 neutral resources in 2025. This high-impact decision hits all households and industries in the Netherlands, as over 90% of Dutch households are currently heated with gas, and most industries benefit from the cheap gas heating in their production environments. The Dutch Government has changed it energy policy drastically and formulated new policy in "the Energy Agreement" and "Energy report" all with sustainability and reduced CO2 emissions as targets.

Did you know? Sustainability has become a positive business case. Environmental product and service offering are an important way to compete and earn money.

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High Performance Buildings

The Netherlands wants to be on the forefront of smart building. This is not just about energy efficiency, it’s about making the overall usage of the building better using data and IoT related devices. Earlier initiatives from energy efficiency now are expanded into climate, utilization and comfort; all to create the best working and living places in the war on talent. The most sustainable office building in the world locates in Amsterdam.

Did you know? There is a high interest in mechanical, constructional and digital building efficiencies, especially in climate performance.

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Smart Farming

The Netherlands is one of the top 5 producers of food in the world, with focus on technology driven farming and optimization of the production facilities available. There is an increased interest in the use of technology that provides opportunities for Finnish tech companies specialized in the smart farming domain. Due to mergers, economies of scale and funded discontinuation, the farming landscape will evolve further in the future.

Did you know? There is a high interest in mechanical, constructional and digital building efficiencies, especially in climate performance.

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Hospital Solutions

Hospital cost account for most the healthcare cost in the Netherlands; 27,5% of cost, of which 63% on specialized care. Intra-mural and extramural communications between health professionals, but also with the patient and the informal care teams, are major topics in The Netherlands. Over 100 million euro is reserved for hospital innovation in the context of Horizon 2020 to innovate hospital care.

Did you know? Innovation in hospital care and further lowering cost while improving efficiency can only be done by increased digitalization.

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Personalized Health Care

As 4th healthcare spender per capita (below Norway, Luxembourg, Switzerland), Netherlands is clearly overspending on healthcare. This, combined with an aging population and urbanization has led to a high interest in personalized healthcare. The focus is on precision medicine, but also on lowering the cost of medication.

Did you know? The public domain is actively supporting the developments in personalized medicine in a quest to make the cost of medication lower by increased innovation.

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Senior Care

The Netherlands has 3,1 million senior citizens (over 65), a number that will increase to 4,7 million by 2040. There is high interest in personalized elderly care; supported self-care, self-diagnosis, remote care and informal care team support are among the themes currently in vogue, where wearables, diagnosis and communication tools are used to enable individuals to take personalized care, both curative and preventative.

Did you know? Finland has a very good reputation when it comes to senior care?

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Education Tech

Dutch have high levels of education and rank among the most skilled workforce (OECD). The aging population of teachers, the number of part time teachers and lack of properly educated teachers are forming an extra pressure in the future for the now already high work pressure of teachers, especially in the lower education. New solutions are in high demand.

Did you know? The coming years will show how the education will be digitalized and reformed; the window of opportunity is now open for forerunners.

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