Internationalisation Bootcamp

Fast-forward to internationalisation

For those who want fast results, Internationalisation Bootcamp is a fast-forward track to internationalisation.

Within a one-week bootcamp in Amsterdam, you will be focusing on the bottlenecks of the internationalisation process. You will  learn how to tackle your challenges within a very compact time through practical real-life tasks, meetings with local industry experts or potential clients, hearing inspiring presentations and participating strategy planning workshops.

The intensive 5-day programme offers you opportunities to meet various possible business partners and stakeholders, test and validate your company offering, and experience yourself the demands and requirements of the market. During the programme, you will also get a good overview of the internationalization process, gain tools and advice to tackle challenges, and to meet companies who have already experienced these steps on the Dutch market.

The Bootcamps take place in Amsterdam which is one of the world’s most international cities, a favorite headquarter location of many multinationals, stepping stone for business in Western European markets, and a booming place of start-ups and innovations.  There will be 4 – 10 companies per a Bootcamp, or we can tailor made it for your single company needs.

Please contact us for more information on this unique programme.